Welcome to our

Who we are?

Recent years, we’ve been working in the technology industry for a long time, handling startups’ development processes, building MVPs and bringing ideas to life. We quickly found out that the main ‘pain’ of all startups is a high cost of the first app prototype or MVP. Thanks to our app templates, you can save costs and you significantly save your time.

What we do?

Forgity is a platform where you can choose any of our templates and create your own app base on it. Every template is a fully functional app designed and built to be easy customizable. With Forgity, you can buy app templates, customize and launch them faster than ever before.

What is our goal?

We believe that thanks to Forgity apps template platform, you can easily ‘launch’ your idea and create top-notch apps with minimal investments.

What can we do for you?

This is very important to have a good start and realize your idea with a little effort. Cut your expenses and don’t take a risk at the beginning of your journey. Create an MVP easily, just choose one of our templates matching your needs and launch your app in weeks, or even days. And, it doesn’t matter you are building a new company or need an app for personal needs.

Launch your idea easily with Forgity!